Crazy Nerves!


I could not make out what was troubling me since few weeks.It was today when I noticed my hand going off my mind’s coordination.I could literally see my fingers moving involuntarily.Maybe 10 years from now,I will be diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder and this might totally ruin my career as well.So as everyone does,I took out the laptop from my bag to diagnose the crazy little disease.What Google could tell me from the symptoms that I had put in,it’s some kind of a rare neurological disorder like Hughes or an Alien Syndrome.My friends say .’Dude you are living with fear.You got to fight out the anxiety you are having.Personally I never had an anxiety attack but I believe these symptoms may be from a recent viral infection.It becomes worse when I am on my project writing the so called ‘LOC(Lines of Code)’.But somehow I found something to ease my symptoms and that’s a pretty girl who lives next to my door.

I believe something deadly is in store for me !


22 years on Planet Earth



So September 7th,the day this craziest little Diljit was born and luckily I have managed to be a part of Planet Earth again.Maybe the mother earth wants to see a stupid creature living ;)n.In all these years,I have experienced much of love,enemies,hate,battles and things which are beyond of human knowledge. Umm,the last birthday went kind of quite awful and I won’t take the courage to describe it here.Even though I have reached nowhere neither in career nor in the deeds that I have done but this year I want it to be something different.I don’t know how much I am gonna live but yet I always wanted to do something different ,at least in the field of education.I felt quite discouraged when the Pope said “Youth spend most of their time on smart-phones and gadgets deteriorating their productivity” and this made me think about this problem the entire day.I have never engineered to a real world problem but now I feel like doing so.That’s where gnooble an organization set up to solve this issue about youth productivity.Me and some of my friends kind of formed a group with a striving mission to spread open education and knowledge in India and as a process we will recruit thousands of youth to volunteer for us.I believe in this way we could to some extent help solve this problem .This is the best possible birthday gift I could gift myself And what separates this gift from others that I received were my fellow classmates qualifying for the ITC-Round1.I am much more happy to see my friend Hamza Naseem Khan and Arshad Feeroz to be in the list of qualifiers and I wish them to see as the winning candidates.My wishes are always with them.With a wish to see the happy earth bearing me for an another year,goodbye Mother Earth!!

Trouble With OracleSql … Install SQLite and play easy !



As some of friends are having trouble in installing oracle SQL on their computers and they have often complained about the lag they have experienced after installing ORACLE SQL 10g, I would recommend them installing SQLiteman for their usual college/lab exercises. Indeed,SQLiteman is very much easy to install and takes a jiffy to configure and start practicing your day’s query. 🙂

So , I am dividing the tutorial into two sections ,one for Linux -based PCs and the other for windows based PC’s.Make sure you have a working Internet connection in your PC else download the files from the vendors website when required.


For Linux Based PCs/Laptops :

Step 1 : Open up your “Software center”

software center



Step 2 :

Once the Software Center pops up ,you will notice a Search box to the top right corner of your window .



Step 3:

Type “sqliteman” in the Search Box and press Enter


Click on “Install ”


For Windows users

1.Download a copy of SQLiteman from the link given here : Download

2.Extract the folder to your local drive (I prefer C:\)



3.Open the “Sqliteman-1.2.2-win32” folder and select the sqliteman application.




4.Right click on the selected icon ,Click on Send to and click on “Desktop(create Shortcut)”




5.Traverse back to desktop and Yipeee there’s your Sqliteman application installed in your computer .Double Click on that icon to execute.

Here’s a short trial of sqlliteman

1.Download this text file and copy all the contents  : Download MOVIE database


Can I be a better son ?


It’s been a month since I was kind of detached from my mom and its feels quite awkward without her.The love and warmth of her is something beyond the love that possibly  anyone in this world can give and the saddest part of it is that she feels  really sad about me. Was it love that changed ? Was it happiness ? Was it me ?. I had undergone a drastic change since I joined college. I devoted the better part of life to my career than to my family and I guess ,that’s where I had gone wrong.Sometimes it becomes hard to pull out time for your family but that’s very much essential. The urge to grow my career was fine but somewhere I was being less social. 

It was a week ago,when I discovered how much she loves me and this realization hurts me more.I wish I can be a better son and be able to bring back smiles on her face.Sorry Mom, I love you a lot.




No love is greater than mom’s love ,No care is greater than dad’s care

Fun with Backtracking


Most algorithm puzzles requires intuitive thinking and clear approach and the saddest part is that ..many fail to  adapt the motivation and beauty of algorithm analysis and design. Its easy to be a victim of algorithms if you dive into depths and prune for the essence of creativity behind modeling an algorithm for a real world problem. However i will try my best to persuade you to the roadway to establish the better bonding in the same. Explicitly speaking, its not about how brainy you are or how persuasive you are to this either,its about how much flexible and agile your thinking is.I came across quite a possibly short quote yet this can inspire you a lot .

The problem goes like this :

Dr.Sheldon’s Maze
An accident occurs in George’s Lab and his lab is a mess. His minions are scattered around his lab.
Gru manages to rescue all of his minions except Penny. To find Penny, as last resort George plans to use Dr.Sheldon’s cookie robots to search throughout his lab.
In a step a cookie robot can move either North, South, East or West. Cookie robots are extremely intelligent,
they will search for Penny at all locations that they can access.
If even the cookie robots fail to find Penny, George will declare that Penny is no more.
Given the map of George’s Lab showing all the free spaces through which the cookie robots can pass through and the obstacles,
you have to tell if Penny will be found or not.


*   *   *     *   *

*   *   P    *   *

*   0   0   *   *

*   0   *   *   *

*   0   0  G   *

P : represent P’s initial position

G: represents G’s initial postion

* : represents a block/wall

0 :represents empty space or a path :

For every input in the form a matrix shown above you have to output whether George can reach Penny or not.


“Penny is no more”. in a single line if Penny won’t be found by the cookie robots. Quotes are used for clarity.
“Found Penny.” in a single line if the cookie robots will find Penny. Quotes are used for clarity.

Explanation : The matrix clearly shows that empty path/space shown by “0” ,P can easily traverse and reach G.

Is your brain pointing you the right way ?

  • Which algorithm should I choose ?
  •  How I’m gonna do this is in my computer ? Oh! I got the book by Tanenbaum 😉
  • Can this be more efficient or Can I have a better fix?
  • Which data structure should i use ?

        We have no time… Lets get our pen and paper working .

Visulation of the matrix as a graph

Visualization of the matrix as a graph

Some of the programmers often tackle a problem without even clearly analyzing and designing the problem.Well,I used to do the same thing earlier but as I proceeded I came to know even shorter,simple or easiest problems requires a clear,accurate analyze and design.

  • Read the problem statement clearly until the objective of the question becomes crystal clear to you.
  • Now when you have understood the objective of the question,you may ask yourself ” Have I come across this similar problem before “. If you have, then try tackling the problem as u did for the earlier .If you haven’t’s time for your brain to run
  • Clearly analyze the problem with a set of inputs and observe the outputs . Did u find something interesting ?